What I’m Watching: Kevin Hart “Seriously Funny.”

I know it’s old, but this special will never get old for me.  I was just watching it with my younger brother and I thought I would share one of my favorite parts.  The fact that Shaq and Lebron are in the audience while he’s talking about them makes it even better.


Who I Root For: Mark Sanchez.

Warning: this post may turn into a love letter.

First off, I’m a huge sports nerd, especially football.  I’m the kind of girl who cares more about who’s winning a game than the newest fashion trends.  Second, I am absolutely in love with (times a million) the player I’m about to talk about.  This definitely won’t be the last time you hear about him.

Mark Sanchez.  In a non-football perspective, he’s like the perfect man.  He’s gorgeous, a momma’s boy, he values family, and he can speak a different language – romantic!  Not to mention that he and I have a lot in common, from what I hear in interviews of course.  He loves wine, soccer, and Broadway.  What’s not to love?

Before you say “Oh, she only likes him because he’s a pretty boy” – I actually followed him before I even knew who he was when he was the backup quarterback at the University of Southern California under Matt Leinart.  I always wanted to go to USC for film school, so I decided to become a fan of their athletics to prepare myself for when I went to school there.  Nope, that didn’t happen.  But, I still follow their sports as if I did.

Anyways, Mark is now the quarterback for the New York Jets (much closer to where I live than California).  Lately, everyone’s been speculating where Peyton Manning will choose to play since he was released from the Colts earlier this week.  One of the options was the Jets.  To be honest, I was freaking out because I knew that if they acquired Manning, Mark wouldn’t stay there.  The only other team(s) I would’ve approve of would’ve been DC – I live 30 minutes from there – or Pittsburgh.  And lets face it, Pittsburgh doesn’t need him…they already have like 5 QBs.

So why the long post about Mark?  Well, he signed a 5-year contract extension tonight.  In secret.  So, that means he’s officially the Jets starting quarterback for at least a few more years and that Peyton is no longer in their interest.  Yay, Mark!  He deserves the opportunity to redeem himself from last season’s train-wreck.  He possesses all of the necessary skills to win a Superbowl; hey, he’s come pretty close the first two years of his NFL career.  He just needs the right coaches and players around him so that they can help him improve and become the QB he’s capable of being.

Naturally, because I’m a fan of Mark – and “fan” might be an understatement – I’m a Jets fan.  But you should know that my number one team is the Pittsburgh Steelers.  That information is for a different post.  For now, I’ll leave you with a couple of my favorite moments from Hard Knocks, a mini-documentary from HBO that followed the Jets during their 2010 preseason.

And this:

What I’m Listening To: Lady Antebellum “Dancing Away With My Heart.”

I’m a big country fan and Lady Antebellum has quickly become one of my favorite country bands.  Their sound is so unique and you can feel the chemistry seep through the words.  I love most of their songs, but this song in particular really struck a chord with me.  I relate to it really well.

Good Hair Days.

You know what I hate?  I had a really good hair day today.  The style was totally unintentional – I put it up into a messy bun when putting on my makeup – and it looked so good that I pulled my bangs back and left it like that for the day.

1 – I didn’t see anyone, meaning guys, that would appreciate it.

2 – I realized that that hair style will never be duplicated again.  I will never be able to have my hair look like that every again.

Does anyone else have this problem?  It’s so frustrating.

Hey, is that me?

This picture is too cute!

What I’m Watching: One Tree Hill “Rush of Blood to the Head.”

As extreme as Clay’s storyline has been all season, and this concept is so far fetched, this scene was so amazing.  Robert Buckley acted the crap out of this scene and broke my heart when he finally realized that Logan was his son.  And the music…ahhhhhh!

What I’m Listening To: City and Colour “Sorrowing Man.”

It was featured in tonight’s closing montage of One Tree Hill.  I’m now obsessed.