I’m back!

Hi, my name is Cait!  I’m a junior film major with a passion for writing.  I find writing therapeutic and exciting; I love creating characters out of nothing.  Someday, I hope to become an accomplished screenwriter and make awesome, powerful movies for all audiences to enjoy.

I’m an avid TV and movie watcher.  I watch everything from reality to miniseries and you’ll soon find this out.

I’m a sports fanatic.  Especially football.  As the blog grows, you might be disgusted by my passion, so count this as your warning.

I have the best friends and family in the world who are constantly supporting me, and in the business that I plan to be a part of, it’s such a fundamental necessity.  So I thank them immensely for their love.

I am co-founder of FrickFrack Scripts, a scriptwriting company that I share with my friend Sam.  We’ve written numerous short film scripts for various projects and now we’re expanding to our first feature length script.  Check us out!

Tumblr: http://frickfrackscripts.tumblr.com/

About Me: http://about.me/FrickFrackScripts

Twitter: @ffscripts

Personal About Me: http://about.me/caitbey

We’ll learn as we go.  It’ll be fun.  Interesting.  Crazy.  So enjoy!