That’s the question actually – what am I doing with my life?  Why did I pick a business with a 2% success rate?  A business where not being successful by the age of like 16 is seen negatively?

Sure, I could name all the reasons why I love film and writing and how they both come so naturally to me, but it doesn’t really seem to calm my mind.  I’m currently sitting in my bedroom, reading stories of all these 18-20 year olds who already have number one selling albums in multiple countries, have been in 20 different successful movies, touring around the world…BUYING THEIR OWN HOUSES!  They’re 16 years old, why do they need their own house?

It’s even more frustrating to know that I picked a business where you get places based on association.  Want to know how many people I know that could help me break into the business?  Oh that’s right, no one.

Excuse my rotten attitude today, I’ve just been doing a lot of thinking and it’s led to this.  I promise I’ll be nice and cheery in the next post.